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Veteran stars often share their knowledge with the younger generation

Former champion talks about being a mentor to the younger wrestlers in WWE

WWE has a lot of young and exciting talent waiting for a chance to make their mark. Most of the up-and-coming superstars can be seen on Tuesday nights on NXT. The company also periodically sends main roster stars to the brand to get eyes on the product and provide young talent a chance to work with top names.

Baron Corbin moved to NXT after his partnership with JBL failed to capture the fan’s imagination on WWE RAW. Corbin had his ups and downs on the main roster where he mixed it up with some of the biggest names of the industry. He has been a revelation on NXT, as he has had great matches with the likes of Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams.


In an interview with Fightful, The 39-year-old spoke about how he is using his move to NXT as an opportunity to be the veteran in the locker room and help all the incredible talent. You can read his comments on his move to the third brand below and also watch the entire clip:

"I think we're presenting a really cool thing to fans in NXT but it's also elevating those guys...you know it gave Ilja an opportunity to work with a guy from the main roster, trick who I think is an amazing superstar with Carmelo and then Melo..I wanna bring him to the next level," said Corbin (5:48-6:03)

Baron Corbin talks about the trust WWE has in him


In the same interview, Corbin also talked about the trust he feels the company has shown him. He pointed to this trust as the reason he has got to work with top stars and even got to end the career of Kurt Angle.

The former RAW GM definitely appreciates the trust the company has shown in him even though it has not always led to the best results. He pointed out that the move to NXT was an opportunity for him to build his character up from scratch.

While he has had an impressive run till now, it’s yet to be seen whether this will launch the former US Champion back into the main event scene.

Have you enjoyed Corbin's run in WWE NXT? Do you want to see him back on the main roster? Let us know in the comments below.


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