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Celebrity chef Extraordinaire Gordon Ramsay

Former WWE champion open to a match against Gordon Ramsay

A former WWE United States Champion gave Gordon Ramsay's name when asked which celebrity chef he would like to feud with.

WWE Superstar Baron Corbin has always been vocal about his love for cooking. He has also disclosed that he has culinary plans once his WWE career comes to an end. He once talked about sending a video to Gordon Ramsay to critique, but it was rejected as he was told it was too good.


In a recent interview with WrestleZone, Corbin was asked to name one celebrity chef he would like to feud with, and the former General Manager of RAW put forth Gordon Ramsay's name.

Corbin stated that he could argue with the celebrity chef over which country has better food. He also called Gordon Ramsay's number one dish, Beef Wellington, disgusting. According to the former Money In The Bank winner, the two could feud over Beef Wellington, and the loser would have to eat the dish.

“Gordon Ramsay, we’ve done some crazy shows over in London. I think the food is better here than over there. So, we could argue about that. Gordon Ramsay, if you do hear this, Beef Wellington is disgusting. That’s his number one dish. So that’s what we’ll fight over. Loser has to eat a Beef Wellington,” Corbin said.

Check out the full interview below:


Baron Corbin reveals what makes John Cena and Roman Reigns bigger WWE Superstars

During the same interview, Baron Corbin pointed out that Roman Reigns is currently one of the biggest stars in the company. He also explained how superstars like Reigns and Cena reached the top.

Corbin stated that the most successful wrestling stars do exactly what they feel like doing. They do not try to portray someone else. The former WWE United States Champion wants to replicate the same with his character.

“I think when you look at Roman Reigns right now, he’s just bringing himself out to the table. The same with guys like Cena; he is not a character. Cena is a guy who personifies ‘never give up.’ He is awesome in what he does, and those guys are just out there doing what they do and feel versus portraying something they’re not. I think that’s why they had the magnitude and the career that they had. That’s kind of where I’m trying to get to," said Corbin.

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