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Former WWE star barred from going backstage during SmackDown tapings; shares full story

Ex-WWE star Gabbi Tuft (f.k.a. Tyler Reks) recently opened up about an episode of SmackDown earlier this year where she was not allowed to go backstage.

Tuft stepped away from wrestling almost a decade ago. She later came out as a transgender person in 2021 and has been working to create awareness on the issue and help others.


During a recent interview, the 45-year-old star spoke about an episode of SmackDown tapings at the Madison Square Garden in August this year. The star mentioned that she didn't know the exact reason why the company didn't allow her behind the scenes. Tuft detailed that she shared a good relationship with the company, and if she were ever allowed to wrestle for the Stamford-based promotion, it would indeed be a historic moment.

"No. I’m not sure why they didn’t want me backstage or they wouldn’t let me backstage. WWE may have had reasons for production purposes or didn’t have the time to clarify what media I was interested in filming for my social media. I don’t have any answers to that. I have a good relationship with them….This is history though if I can step back in the ring, let alone a WWE ring. Former male superstar coming back as who I am right now, it’s history waiting to be written." (H/T TV Insider)

Tuft wants a match against WWE Superstar Rhea Ripley


During the same discussion, Tuft mentioned that she would be interested in facing Rhea Ripley in the ring. She detailed that the Women's World Champion was a phenomenal athlete and a force in the ring.

"We have Rhea Ripley right now, who is such a force in WWE. She is powerful. To be honest, when I look at her and her athleticism and tenacity, I see a phenomenal opponent. A phenomenal match in the making," Tuft said.
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Tuft felt that the match would be a groundbreaking event in the history of the company.

Would you like to see a match between Rhea and Gabbi in the future? Let us know in the comments section below.

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