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Summer Rae worked for WWE between 2011 and 2017.

Former WWE Superstar addresses rumors he dated Summer Rae

Fandango has clarified speculation about his relationship with Summer Rae away from the WWE cameras.

Summer Rae performed as Fandango’s dance partner between April 2013 and April 2014. The former on-screen allies also went on a date on the May 4, 2014, episode of E! reality show Total Divas.


The scenes sparked rumors that the former WWE Superstars dated in real life. However, Fandango confirmed on Rene Dupree’s “Cafe de Rene” podcast that their evening together was scripted by Total Divas producers:

“No, I never hooked up with Summer,” Fandango said. “We kinda did on-screen, which was bulls**t. They scripted it for Total Divas. I could get enough heat on my own without putting over my dancer. I’ve dated Divas in the past and it’s not a good thing. You date a girl, you see her every day, you break up with her, then she starts dating another one of the boys, and then you have to see them every day.” [57:15-57:47]

Summer Rae became Fandango’s dance partner after WrestleMania 29. WWE wanted his original partner, Andrea Lynn, to sign permanently with the company, but the professional dancer rejected the opportunity.


Fandango preferred to date women outside of WWE

Several current WWE Superstars are married to other roster members, including Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins and Bianca Belair & Montez Ford.

Fandango was so underrated. He and Summer Rae were so good together, and Breezango were at their peak on SmackDown together. It’s sad that they never utilized him to his full potential. I’m going to miss him

After bad experiences with co-workers earlier in his career, Fandango wanted to date women who did not work for the same company:

“I could meet normal girls,” Fandango continued. “I wasn’t an introverted, weird guy that couldn’t go out and talk to people in real life. Sometimes some people can only date people they work with, but I could go out and meet any other girl, so why would I wanna date a girl I have to see every day and work with and fly with [laughs]?” [57:56-58:12]

The former NXT Tag Team Champion also opened up about the time that he received a “s**t ton of heat” backstage in 2013.

Did you enjoy Fandango and Summer Rae’s on-screen alliance? Let us know in the comments section.

Please credit “Cafe de Rene” and give a H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the transcription if you use quotes from this article.


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