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  • From making six-figures to pay cut, 20-time champion elaborates how he signed with WWE
He is one of WWE's longest tenured superstars!

From making six-figures to pay cut, 20-time champion elaborates how he signed with WWE

There are WWE Superstars who are renowned all over the world. A few are legendary but perhaps a tad underrated when compared to the top stars of the industry. If one were to describe Monday Night RAW's A-Lister The Miz, that seems about right.

Over the years, he has held many championships in the global juggernaut, among other accomplishments, including being a two-time Money in the Bank contract holder. The 42-year-old star is also a two Grand Slam Champion.


While appearing on Unbreakable, The Miz detailed his efforts before signing with the Stamford-based promotion. He revealed that being paid less initially than what he was making on reality TV was not a big deal to him as it was more of an investment.

"I was making a lot of money, I was making six figures," The Miz said. "When I got to developmental, I took a pay cut, because I said 'I can take a pay cut in this because I believe that I can make more.' So I invested in myself. I've always invested in myself ... I paid for acting classes, improv classes, and learning the art of professional wrestling, UPW, and wrestling classes." [H/T: Wrestling Inc]

The Miz went to Gold's Gym for workouts and got a nutritionist. He added that he would invest all the money he made into himself.

"So I wouldn't make money off them, but it wasn't to make money, it was necessary to promote myself and get people talking about me ... so WWE would see that. WWE would see that, they gave me a contract, I took a pay cut, went to McDonough, Georgia, went to Louisville, and then from Louisville, I got into WWE and started making the money I thought I could possibly make."
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Rhea Ripley reveals her crush was The Miz before making it to WWE

The Judgment Day member is currently one of the top heels on the Monday Night show. She is now dominating the women's division as Women's World Champion. Rhea Ripley recently revealed that she was a huge fan of The Miz growing up.

During an exclusive interview with Sportskeeda's Riju Dasgupta, The Eradicator revealed that The A-Lister was her first WWE crush.

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The Miz was LA Knight's first legitimate opponent since the late Bray Wyatt all the way back in January 2023. The two fought at Payback last month, with John Cena as the Special Guest Referee.

Check out here what The Miz had to say regarding the concussions he suffered during his match against John Cena at WrestleMania 27 and how it affected the biggest moment of his wrestling career.

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