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  • "He's built different" - Randy Orton mocks Judgment Day member's appearance
Orton has mocked a member of The Judgment Day.

"He's built different" - Randy Orton mocks Judgment Day member's appearance

Randy Orton has poked fun at a member of The Judgment Day following this week's episode of WWE RAW.

Orton returned to the promotion during the Men's WarGames match at WWE Survivor Series on November 25. He helped guide Cody Rhodes' squad to a victory over The Judgment Day and connected with an epic RKO on JD McDonagh during the match.


Speaking on the Impaulsive podcast with Logan Paul, Randy Orton poked fun at JD McDonagh's appearance. Logan Paul noted that McDonagh has a large head and Orton added that The Judgment Day member was built differently from most superstars on the roster.

"I just met him Saturday in Chicago and he was very well aware that he had a large head. Yeah, he knew. He knew. He's built different," said Randy Orton. [From 37:12 - 37:28]

Randy Orton on hitting Seth Rollins with an RKO at WWE WrestleMania


Randy Orton hit Seth Rollins with possibly the most iconic RKO in history at WrestleMania 31.

The Viper defeated The Visionary in the match as well, but Rollins would go on to cash in his Money in the Bank contract to become champion at the end of the night. During his conversation on the Impaulsive podcast, Orton praised Rollins for his athleticism in making the RKO a legendary moment at WWE WrestleMania.

"So, when it comes to the timing, I'll take the credit on that. But when it comes to getting there, I've got to give all that credit to Seth (Rollins). I gave him a base to jump off of, but he had to run towards me, redirect, go straight up off the back, and give himself enough hangtime for me to go from being bent way the f*** over, to getting out from underneath, seeing him and dropping him. If he would have been just a little off, the whole move would have not went down, or if it went down it wouldn't have been pretty," he said. [From 37:40 - 38:16]

Seth Rollins successfully defended the World Heavyweight Championship against Jey Uso last night on WWE RAW. It will be interesting to see if Randy Orton and Seth Rollins cross paths once again sometime down the line.

What is your favorite RKO of Orton's WWE career? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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