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  • "He's a complete f**king moron" - Controversial wrestling personality lashes out at Matt Riddle after his release from WWE
Matt Riddle was released by WWE last week.

"He's a complete f**king moron" - Controversial wrestling personality lashes out at Matt Riddle after his release from WWE

Former WWE manager Jim Cornette recently spoke about the unceremonious circumstances under which Matt Riddle was released.

WWE released several stars from the main roster and NXT earlier this week. While Matt Riddle's name was not on the first list, he took to Twitter just hours before SmackDown to inform fans that he was no longer with the company.


This week on Jim Cornette Experience, the wrestling veteran mentioned that Riddle's goofy gimmick was, in fact, very close to how he is in real life. He claimed the 37-year-old star did not think about the consequences and got into much trouble.

"Apparently, Mr. Riddle's gimmick that we've said looks too much like real to be a gimmick is real. He's a complete f**king moron. Everything he does is ill thought out and potentially poorly executed." [From 5:11 - 5:27]

You can watch the full video here:



Cornette feels TKO did not want to deal with the bad publicity around Matt Riddle

During the same discussion, Cornette mentioned that the Endeavor merger probably sped up Matt Riddle's release.

He claimed that The Original Bro had already burnt bridges with UFC, and the recent incident at JFK airport attracted too much bad press.

"He had no support from the UFC world for his MMA background. He's just made news for a ridiculous reason, which came down to him being drunk and disorderly. That's not me, if anyone wants to sue anybody, I refer you to the official statement from the police department at JFK airport - 'We responded to a drunk, disorderly passenger.' New TKO brain trust decided we don't need this dipsh*t doing sh*t like this when we're at over $100 a share." [From 6:39 - 7:20]
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Riddle had an eventful run on the promotion's main roster, winning the United States Championship and the RAW Tag Team Titles. He even competed against Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship on SmackDown.


Where do you think Riddle will turn up next? Let us know in the comments section below.

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