Brock Lesnar moved to WWE's main roster in 2002

'He wanted to get out' - Reason why Brock Lesnar left WWE's developmental system

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Jim Cornette recently recalled how Brock Lesnar left WWE’s Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW) developmental system due to his then-girlfriend’s pregnancy.

The up-and-coming Lesnar competed in matches as part of OVW from October 2000 to October 2001. He went on to join WWE’s main roster in March 2002 after appearing in several dark matches before WWE shows.


Cornette, who worked as a booker and writer for OVW from 1999 to 2005, discussed Lesnar on Jim Cornette’s Drive Thru. He said the rookie superstar was “constantly browbeating the office” to let him return to Minnesota to be with his girlfriend.

“He just wanted to get out of Louisville [OVW’s headquarters]. He didn’t like training, he didn’t like… Brock doesn’t like anything. He doesn’t like associating with humans, which believe me that’s highly overrated, but I don’t know a lot of people who would associate with Brock.
“He wanted to get out of Louisville, he didn’t want to train, he just wanted to collect his check at home in Minnesota and work out with Brad Rheingans [Olympic wrestler]. So they sent him home for about six months and then they brought him up to the main roster.”

Brock Lesnar and his girlfriend at the time, Nicole McClain, have two children together (Luke and Mya Lynn). Lesnar also has two children (Turk and Duke) with his current wife, former WWE star Sable.


Brock Lesnar’s OVW exit and WWE debut

Brock Lesnar no-sold Spike Dudley's top-rope attack

Brock Lesnar held the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships with Shelton Benjamin on three occasions. However, he never won the Heavyweight Championship during his one-year run in OVW.

With Paul Heyman by his side, Lesnar debuted on WWE’s main roster on the episode of RAW after WrestleMania X8. He attacked Al Snow and Maven before slamming Spike Dudley to the mat with three consecutive powerbombs.

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Published 06 Mar 2021, 01:07 IST
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