Lesnar is one of WWE's biggest babyfaces.

"I was almost hesitant to talk to him backstage" - Wrestling veteran shares honest thoughts about Brock Lesnar (Exclusive)

Veteran wrestling journalist Bill Apter recently spoke about how he used to feel intimidated by WWE legend Brock Lesnar backstage.

It's no secret that Lesnar is one of the most physically imposing performers in wrestling, who sends a shiver down the spine of his opponents with just a look. Right from his days in OVW, The Beast Incarnate emanated a kind of dangerous aura that separated him from everyone else on the roster.


Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's The Wrestling Time Machine podcast hosted by Mac Davis, Bill Apter recalled watching Lesnar team up with Shelton Benjamin in OVW. He explained how, unlike most wrestlers who were jovial backstage, he felt intimidated just by seeing Brock Lesnar in the locker room.

"I remember him from Ohio Valley Wrestling. He was teaming up with Shelton Benjamin. I photographed some of the matches. Brock was one of those guys; a lot of the guys backstage before their matches were very easygoing and all this. I was almost hesitant to talk to him backstage, I really was because he was the picture of danger, which is the best I could say," said Bill Apter. (8:37 - 9:06)

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Teddy Long on Brock Lesnar being a sweetheart

Teddy Long, however, revealed that the former WWE Universal Champion was a sweetheart in real life, contrary to his on-screen persona. The former SmackDown GM also mentioned Kane and Mark Henry as performers who were scary inside the ring but were like teddy bears outside of it.

"But it is like that with a lot of guys. Brock Lesnar, in reality, was a sweetheart. He had something to do with Jimmy John's, I'm not sure. But he was always talking about Jimmy John's. And Kane was the same, people were scared to death of him. And Mark Henry, too, once you talk to him. They are teddy bears," said Teddy Long. (9:10 - 9:36)
The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar and the All Mighty, Bobby Lashley will sign the Elimination Chamber contract next week on Monday Night Raw! #WWERaw #WWEChamber

Brock Lesnar is currently embroiled in a feud with Bobby Lashley, with the two likely to square off later this month at Elimination Chamber 2023.


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