Austin Theory is a former Money in the Bank contract holder

Austin Theory opens up about his failed Money in the Bank cash-in

Austin Theory has looked back on his failed Money in the Bank cash-in attempt following his victory at WWE Survivor Series.

Several weeks ago on RAW, he cashed in his contract on Seth Rollins for the United States Championship but lost the match and the briefcase.


Although the 25-year-old didn't win the US Title on the Red brand, he defeated Seth Rollins and Bobby Lashley in a triple threat match at Survivor Series to become the new United States Champion.

Following the match, Austin Theory spoke to BT Sport and shared that after he lost the briefcase, he hit rock bottom and had to revamp his character.

"I never thought I’d have the failed cash-in but I guess I would be one of those guys but I would say for me, that whole process of that day of losing the Money in the Bank contract and kind of, where do I go now? I literally hit rock bottom, so what now? And kind of just to have this revamp of a personality and bring out this different type of energy that people aren’t used to from Austin Theory, it kind of just shifts everything and for me, it’s great and looking at it long term, it can only evolve and get better from here," said Theory. [H/T POST Wrestling]


Austin Theory on WWE changing his gimmick after losing the Money in the Bank contract

The RAW star was portrayed as Vince McMahon's protege before the latter's retirement. As part of his gimmick, he took selfies on his way to the ring that was shown on the titantron.

After losing the Money in the Bank contract, however, Theory dropped the selfie gimmick.

The current United States Champion stated that he had to evolve, as he couldn't portray the selfie gimmick forever.

"It’s as wild as it has been for everybody else. You go from being so used to something to a quick switch and pretty much, that quick switch changes everything but, for a good way I feel like because for me, it was a chance for Austin Theory to evolve and go to that next level and you know, I can’t take selfies forever and be a goofball so it’s finding that next chapter and what’s gonna get me to becoming a world champion and I think we’re on the right track." [H/T POST Wrestling]
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Theory is recognized as the youngest United States Champion in WWE history. Since Seth Rollins lost the title in a triple-threat match, he might challenge Theory to a rematch for the title.

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