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  • "I probably deserved to" - Current champion was very close to being fired from WWE
WWE has let go of many top wrestling stars over the past decade

"I probably deserved to" - Current champion was very close to being fired from WWE

Working in WWE can be ultra-competitive for talents striving to be at the top of the card. Becky Lynch recently opened up about her early struggles and how she was close to being cut multiple times.

She might be one of WWE's premier female talents currently, but unlike other members of the Four Horsewomen, Becky Lynch found it hard to get over in NXT.


As noted earlier, the former WWE Women's Champion disliked her original gimmick and was on the chopping block more times than once because of her sluggish start in the promotion. During her appearance on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Becky Lynch stated that she was on "the brink of being fired" due to her underwhelming peformances.

Lynch took responsibility and admitted she would not have blamed WWE had she lost her job.

"So look, it is the one that got away; it is the one that I was never pegged for when I was coming up to NXT. And I was very close to being fired constantly, constantly. And not like one of those things where I was unjustly on the brink of being fired like I probably deserved to. I sucked, it wasn't very good. But because I was so in my head, I just had left wrestling for several years."

Fans often forget that Becky Lynch was on a six-year hiatus from pro wrestling before she got signed by WWE in 2013. Lynch recalled the expectations towards her being low as no one would have predicted her to become one of the most successful female stars of her generation.


Big Time Becks added that most people in NXT felt she would be a "good hand" and nothing more:

"When I got to NXT, I was like, Oh no, this is it. I've got it. But it was like holding a flower, you know like I was like suffocating it because I wanted it so badly. So nobody, nobody, ever thought I was going to win the NXT Women's Championship. Nobody probably thought I was going to ever win any championships; they thought I was probably just going to be there and be a fine little hand. Enthusiastic little hand that I was."

Becky Lynch finally has her moment of vindication in WWE


From being nearly kicked out of NXT to returning years later to win its women's title, Becky Lynch's WWE career has indeed come full circle.


Capturing the belt was one of the few things left for her to accomplish, and it means a lot more considering everything she's been through on the brand.

Becky Lynch always wanted to "right the wrongs" of her past, and she's done admirably well in recent times as she now seems to be NXT's top name.

"Going back, you know, all these years later, in a way, feels like vindication," Lynch added. "But the other thing is that it's more than that; it's more than the past. And the righting of the wrongs that I felt done to me in the past, which weren't even wrongs done to me, it was just, it was other people's time."

Are you excited about Becky Lynch's reign as WWE NXT Women's Champion? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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