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  • "I would put that over Shockmaster"- Becky Lynch opens up 'shameful' moment from her WWE career
The Shockmaster (left); Becky Lynch (right)

"I would put that over Shockmaster"- Becky Lynch opens up 'shameful' moment from her WWE career

These days, Becky Lynch is the biggest name in the women's division, if not the entire WWE. She has certainly come a long way. During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Big Time Becks recalled her WWE debut and admitted to being embarrassed by the gimmick.

Lynch debuted on NXT back in 2013 with an Irish dancing persona, which, in hindsight, clearly was an ill-informed creative decision. The former Women's Champion herself was never a fan of the character and has expressed how she wanted to forget that phase of her career in multiple past interviews.


While speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Becky Lynch revealed that her WWE debut was probably worse than Shockmaster's infamous introduction during the 1990s. For some aspiring to becoming a megastar in WWE, Lynch knew that she would have gone nowhere in the company with her original gimmick.

"Yeah, there we are. Look, if that is not proof that you can dig yourself out of any hole, then I don't know what is. Because that is, I would put that over Shockmaster in terms of shameful debuts. Yeah, Like he just fell over, you know, like he fell over. Okay, fine, that sucks. I went out. I was committed to that, you know, like that was my; I think the difference is he didn't intend to fall over. I intended to go out there and do an Irish jig like that. And thought that I was worthy of being on WWE television. That happened." [H/T: Insight with Chris Van Vliet]

'I hope I never go back in my green attire:' Becky Lynch

After a relatively slow start in NXT, the 36-year-old cemented her spot as a top Women's Champion following her main roster call-up. Becky Lynch has worked tremendously hard for her success, and she attributed it to learning from her mistakes, one of which was her infamous NXT debut.


Becky Lynch quipped that while she never wants to do the Irish jig routine ever again, she still listens to music from her home country.

The WWE star added:

"You don't have to be stuck as the person that you were or with the thing that you did; you can move on. And you can learn from your mistakes and hope you never go back there. And I hope I never go back in my green attire and doing the Irish dances. I don't even listen to Irish music anymore. That's a lie, I love it. I rock it with the gym; it's very good."
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Becky recently slammed WWE for its treatment of certain female stars and also took a shot at Rhea Ripley, which you can read more about here.

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