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  • "I think he'd think NXT might be below him" - Veteran on what MJF could do if he joined WWE (Exclusive)
MJF is one of the biggest names in wrestling today.

"I think he'd think NXT might be below him" - Veteran on what MJF could do if he joined WWE (Exclusive)

Bill Apter recently discussed AEW World Champion MJF possibly moving to WWE down the line, following the footsteps of Cody Rhodes and Jade Cargill.

It's no secret that Maxwell Jacob Friedman is one of the most gifted performers of this generation. His abilities on the mic and inside the ring have taken him to the top in All Elite Wrestling, and he's already considered among the best in the world.


Owing to his massive popularity, many wonder when MJF will finally take the next step and jump ship to WWE, the market leader for decades.

On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted, Dr. Chris Featherstone and Bill Apter spoke about how MJF would fare in WWE if he were to join the promotion in the future.

While Featherstone suggested the AEW World Champion must work down in NXT first, Apter feels a star of his stature might consider working for the developmental brand beneath him.

"I think he'd [MJF] think NXT might be below him, said Bill Apter. [27:52 - 27:56]

Check out the full video below:


Mark Henry recently compared MJF to WWE legend Stone Cold Steve Austin

On the recent episode of Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry explained how MJF and Stone Cold Steve Austin are similar.


The WWE legend stated that just like The Texas Rattlesnake had the fans riveted in a story, irrespective of whether he was a babyface or heel, the 27-year-old star possesses the same ability.

"Steve Austin wasn't a babyface. He was just a hell of an entertaining wrestler that whatever story he was trying to tell, he can reel your a** in. Max is, in a way, kind of the same right now," Mark Henry said.
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MJF is slated to be an action at the upcoming AEW: WrestleDream pay-per-view, where he'll team up with Adam Cole to take on The Righteous.

Do you think MJF is bound to join the Stamford-based promotion in the future? Sound off in the comments section below.

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