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  • "I've met her and she was a sweet woman" - 41-year-old former WWE Superstar apologizes for comments about Vince McMahon's mother
Vince McMahon is the former CEO of WWE.

"I've met her and she was a sweet woman" - 41-year-old former WWE Superstar apologizes for comments about Vince McMahon's mother

A former WWE Superstar claims he has apologized for his remarks about Vince McMahon's mother.

Ryback exited WWE in 2016 and has wrestled in several independent promotions after his departure. His last match was a victory over Dylan Bostic during the NEW Wrestling Under The Stars Tour in 2018. The Big Guy recently hinted that he is ready to return inside the ring and teased a possible return in All Elite Wrestling.


The 41-year-old uploaded a video claiming to have apologized for previous remarks about Vince McMahon's mother. Ryback went on an acidic rant about Mr. McMahon in 2022 on social media and insulted the 77-year-old's late mother. He claimed that he apologized for those comments during the latest episode of The Ryback Show.

You can check out the video by clicking here:

"When I put out that tweet about Vince's mom, and I apologize for that for her. Not for anyone else, but for her because I've met her and she was a sweet woman. And I told you what was going on legally with that. They had reached out to settle because they were going to lose the Ryback trademark," he said. [From 00:22 - 00:38]
I will be cleared this summer to officially return to wrestling. I challenge @Goldberg in my return to a Retirement Match. #Ryback #Hungry #FeedMeMore

Ryback on his legal battles with Vince McMahon and WWE


During a recent episode of The Ryback Show, The Big Guy explained that he wanted to hurt Vince McMahon and the company emotionally because there was no way he could compete with them financially in legal battles.

Ryback justified his actions by claiming that Vince McMahon was also hurting his family.

"Well, I'm going to hurt you emotionally if this is the game that you are going to play. I know not everyone understands, and I've tried my best to explain that to you guys. But they [WWE] are hurting me and my family, and that is okay? It is not okay. But it is my business, at the end of the day it is my business between me and them," he said. [From 01:38 - 01:58]

Ryback captured the Intercontinental Championship once during his career in WWE. It will be fascinating to see where the veteran would wind up if he does make a return to professional wrestling sometime down the line.

Do you miss Ryback in WWE? What are some of your favorite moments from his career? Let us know in the comments section below.

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