Will Seth Rollins be added to this love triangle?

"I will not be hanging in a shark cage" - Seth Rollins responds to fans urging him to be part of WWE RAW love triangle

This past week on WWE RAW, Seth Rollins was brought into the feud between Becky Lynch and Bayley when the latter claimed that the former world champion only married her because she was pregnant.

The WWE Universe has since been buzzing with theories surrounding ways that he could be involved in the feud. Some even went as far as saying he would become the prize at the end of their rivalry.


It appears that Rollins has been reading some of these fan theories since he recently addressed one of them as part of his Instagram live.

Just before signing off the stream, Rollins noted:

"In Orlando on Monday, big steel cage match I hear is happening, I will not be hanging in a shark cage above it."

Seth Rollins was able to address several different talking points in his Instagram live video which can be seen above.


Seth Rollins is expected to face Logan Paul at WWE WrestleMania 39

Seth Rollins was eliminated from the 2023 Royal Rumble by Logan Paul as he was about to deliver a pedigree to Cody Rhodes.

This has since led to several issues between Logan Paul and Rollins. The YouTube sensation has continuously bragged about the fact that he was able to get the better of the seasoned athlete in one of the biggest matches of the year.

Rollins himself has been a man of few words and did not want to address his Rumble disappointment, instead focusing on the upcoming Elimination Chamber match.


On his recent Instagram Live, Rollins had some harsh comments for Paul and went on to claim that he wasn't a wrestler and that he should star in his own lane because "if he knocks on my door, I'll knock him out."

Do you think Rollins will be inserted in the feud between Becky and Bayley? Share your thoughts in the comments section below...

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