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Sometimes things don't go according to plan in WWE.

“It wasn’t what they wanted” - Former WWE Superstar claims she got heat after winning Slammy Award

WWE wants to control every aspect of its television product regardless of what the fans want.

When Vince McMahon was creatively in charge of the company, several opportunities weren't capitalized on because it wasn't what he wanted. Just because the fanbase wants to see something doesn't necessarily mean it will happen.


Nikki Bella was a recent guest on The Sessions with Renee Paquette to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked why there was a perception change of The Bellas on television following the launch of Total Divas, Nikki believed it came around due to Vince McMahon losing control of his product:

"I felt like, as far as the boss, it was the first time he lost control of what he could make and not make. When Brie and I won Diva of the Year (in 2013), we got in trouble and we got yelled at," Nikki Bella revealed. "I remember, we came back so happy, and it was, 'Oh, because you brought in all these new viewers, and the women are now voting for you and all these new women are here.' [Jaw] on the floor. Everyone around was on the floor like, 'The Bella Twins are getting yelled at for being successful.' It wasn't what they wanted. They were the storytellers. They push who they want the crowd to be behind, just perception is reality."
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Nikki Bella believes Total Divas was the first thing that WWE couldn't control


Total Divas put a new spotlight on the women of WWE in a way that Vince McMahon wasn't prepared for.

Nikki Bella believes that since Vince McMahon couldn't control Total Divas, they took a hit for that backstage in the process.

"That is WWE to a T. Even though the fans think they own it, no, they laugh in the back, 'we own you' at the end of the day. I truly believe Total Divas was the first thing they couldn't control," Nikki Bella continued. "They couldn't control the success. They couldn't control mainstream. There was no control. That was hard on one side, because they lost that. Then, I think, everyone backstage thought we were going to fail. I don't like to use the word envy or jealousy, but I think there was a bit. We all kind of get that." [H/T: Fightful]
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What do you make of Nikki Bella's comments? Are you surprised WWE was upset with her for winning a Slammy Award in 2013? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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