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  • "JASON JORDAN WAS IN HEAVEN" - WWE Universe erupts after 34-year-old female wrestler is grabbed by star in an awkward manner
Jason Jordan found himself in a rather compromised position

"JASON JORDAN WAS IN HEAVEN" - WWE Universe erupts after 34-year-old female wrestler is grabbed by star in an awkward manner

Jason Jordan may be retired as an in-ring wrestler, but that does not mean he's sitting at home. Instead, he's often involved in the thick of things, as was evident today when pulling apart a brawl. Unfortunately, during this, he got into a rather compromising position with Bianca Belair.

On WWE SmackDown this week, Asuka was confronted by multiple members of the women's roster, all hoping to become the RAW Women's Champion at some point in the future.


The Empress was caught unawares when backing away from the ring, mocking them. She was attacked from behind by none other than former champion Bianca Belair. The two stars got into a brawl, fighting on stage until the officials pulled them apart.

Among the officials was retired wrestler and now backstage producer Jason Jordan. However, while separating the stars, he found himself in a rather compromising position, where his head was on Belair's posterior.

Fans immediately noticed it was him and started commenting on Twitter about it. It was the first time in a while that fans spotted him.

Such a shame of what could have been for Jason Jordan. He could have been the face of #WWE . #Smackdown
Hey, it's Jason Jordan. #SmackDown

Soon enough, though, they were talking about how his position with Belair was rather compromising.

Epa,Epa Jason Jordan donde esta Agarrando y el Pelado no se queda Atrás #SmackDown

Meanwhile, another fan suggested that Jordan would find himself sharing words with Belair's real-life husband, Montez Ford when he went to the back.

Montez gotta have words with Jason Jordan in the back

Why did Jason Jordan have to retire from wrestling in WWE?

Jason Jordan went through surgery to heal his neck issues. Now, he has spent more than four years out of the ring after retiring due to his injuries. Kurt Angle spoke about his injuries and why it was so severe that he needed to stop wrestling.

“What happens is your vertebrae, you have discs in between each vertebra. When you injure your neck, the disc slides. What happens is it slides to the side. So it’s sticking out of the vertebrae. You have nerves that come out of the vertebrae, and those get blocked by the disc. Then you can’t feel your arm and you don’t have motor skills with one arm or both arms depending if they slide both ways. So usually, it’s just one way. You can’t feel one arm and you can’t use one arm. That’s what Jason was having trouble with. His disc sled and blocked the nerves to his arm,” Angle explained.

At this point, Jason Jordan has established himself backstage as a producer.

What was your favorite moment from SmackDown this week? Sound off in the comments section below.

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