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JBL gives his honest opinion of Roman Reigns' character in WWE

  • JBL reveals how much Roman Reigns has impressed him.
  • Roman Reigns beat Drew McIntyre at WWE Survivor Series.
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Roman Reigns has been at the top of his game since his WWE return at SummerSlam. Reigns quickly won the WWE Universal Championship at the Payback PPV soon after his return and has been a dominant force since.

Roman Reigns faced Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series, winning the match after interference from Jey Uso.


JBL gives his honest opinion of Roman Reigns

WWE Hall of Famer and former world champion JBL was a guest on this week's episode of The Bump. During the interview, JBL was asked about who is impressed him the most in WWE recently. Without hesitating, JBL named Roman Reigns and the new edge he has brought to his character. JBL said that Roman Reigns is the most compelling character he's seen on television in the last two decades:

I think the thing that has impressed me the most and is by far and above and is better than anything I've seen in maybe the last twenty years is Roman Reigns. Roman Reigns, to me, is the most compelling character I've seen on television, I think in twenty years. It's unbelievable how good he is. That character, the way its just transitioned and become the head of the table, I'm a huge fan. It's unbelievable how good he is.

JBL was also asked about his thoughts on the match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre at Survivor Series. The WWE legend said that the match surpassed expectations and lived up to the hype:

To me, it lived up to every bit of the hype, which is hard to do when you talk about having a true heavyweight matchup like they had. You had two great champions and both of those guys are in the prime of their life, the absolute best condition of their life and they put on a show that you would hope that they would be able to do. But, I don't know if people really expected something that great. I thought the match was outstanding.

We don't yet know who Roman Reigns is going to feud with next but rumors suggest that it could be former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan. You can check out that rumor HERE.

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Published 25 Nov 2020, 22:34 IST
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