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The wrestling veteran is still a fan of the top star

Jim Cornette admits he isn't a fan of popular 6-time Tag Team Champion's character change on RAW

Jim Cornette was reviewing the May 29th episode of RAW on Jim Cornette's Drive-Thru alongside co-host The Great Brian Last. He discussed the top man on Monday Night RAW and admitted that he isn't a big fan of his character change.

Now you may have guessed that the top star in question is Seth Rollins who, apart from being the current World Heavyweight Champion, is a Grand Slam Champion in WWE and has had six reigns with the Tag Team Titles.


Jim Cornette said that he is a big fan of Seth Rollins. While he feels Rollins doesn't lack anything, he thinks his new character is a bit too goofy for his liking:

"If you're looking for wild and crazy, old Juice Robinson is wild and crazy," he said. "This is kind of over-the-top and silly. And I'm a fan. He can still go in the ring. It's not like he's doing this to try and cover up that he's lost something or whatever. And I've always liked his work. If he can say all these things, he can talk as a serious human being." (4:12-4:36)

You can watch the full video below:


Jim Cornette thinks Vince McMahon blew up the draft with a decision he made recently

"I don't think you DESERVE anything. YOU EARNED IT!" - @AJStylesOrg to @WWERollins

On the same episode, Jim Cornette mentioned the fact that SmackDown's AJ Styles came out on Monday Night RAW to congratulate Seth Rollins and compete with him in the main event.

Cornette then pointed out that the WWE Draft happened only a few weeks ago and that Styles being featured on RAW was a bad decision that Vince McMahon made:

"Wait a minute! There's the matter of the draft and the fact that AJ [Styles] is not supposed to be here," he said. "But then they come back and Adam Pearce is on the phone saying 'Okay, yes sir! Yes sir!' And he okays the tag team match for later even though AJ is on SmackDown and he can't be on RAW. And by 'yes sir' one would think, because we've also heard it reported, that it was a Vince McMahon call. So Vince called him and said 'Put AJ on the show!' and blew up their draft in two weeks."(2:08-2:37)

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