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Stephanie McMahon is married to fellow WWE executive Triple H.

Jim Ross on Vince McMahon booking Stephanie McMahon to kiss another man in WWE

Jim Ross gave his thoughts on when former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon told Stephanie McMahon to kiss Eric Bischoff.

On the October 31, 2002, episode of SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon saw Bischoff wearing a Vince McMahon Halloween mask in her father's office. The former WCW President removed the mask before passionately kissing the then-SmackDown authority figure.


Ross, a WWE commentator and talent relations executive at the time, discussed the segment on the Survivor Series 2002 episode of his Grilling JR podcast:

"Yeah, it's weird, strange. That's inside the mind of Vince McMahon (...) I remember that kiss with Eric and Stephanie. She became a hell of a talent on-air, a hell of a talent. Pulling off a kiss like that, it graduates from somewhat being forced upon her to her transitioning where, 'Hey, I kinda like this.'" [43:46 – 44:28]

As Ross referenced, Stephanie McMahon's villainous character appeared to enjoy the moment despite her initial reluctance to kiss Bischoff. Seconds later, the two awkwardly stared at each other without saying a word before Bischoff left the office.


Stephanie McMahon is not the only McMahon family member who Eric Bischoff kissed

On the August 8, 2003, episode of RAW, Eric Bischoff kissed Vince McMahon's wife Linda during a visit to the McMahon family home.

Stephanie McMahon,in obvious denial of her feelings for Eric Bischoff back in 2002

Jim Ross joked that Bischoff might be the only person in wrestling history to kiss both Linda and Stephanie McMahon:

"Old Bisch, that was some interesting booking, Linda and Stephanie. He may be the only guy in wrestling that has ever had that experience." [44:31 – 44:41]

Two weeks after kissing Linda, Bischoff lost to another McMahon family member, Vince's son Shane, in a No Disqualification Falls Count Anywhere match at SummerSlam 2003.

What did you make of the way Vince McMahon booked Eric Bischoff in WWE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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