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  • "Just go away" - Fans react to former WWE Champion possibly missing Money in the Bank 2023 
Money in the Bank 2023 will go down on July 2nd.

"Just go away" - Fans react to former WWE Champion possibly missing Money in the Bank 2023 

WWE Money in the Bank is less than a month away, and the hype surrounding the show is sky-high. Several top stars are expected to feature at the premium live event. However, there are chances Brock Lesnar may miss the show.

The Beast Incarnate is currently embroiled in a heated feud with Cody Rhodes, which kickstarted on the episode of RAW after WrestleMania 39. While The American Nightmare walked away with a win at Backlash 2023, Lesnar demolished the former AEW Champion at Night of Champions last month.


A third and decisive match between Cody and Brock will reportedly go down at SummerSlam 2023, with a special stipulation being brought back. However, this could mean The Beast Incarnate won't be in action at Money in the Bank.

If this is how things pan out, MITB would be the first WWE premium live event of 2023, which Brock Lesnar would give a miss. A recent tweet pointed this out, leading to fans storming into the comments sections with their opinions on the situation.

While some lauded Lesnar's consistency, others think he has been working so much only because his career is in its final stages.


Check them out below:

@WrestlingWCC Bro’s been working a lot. Might be nearing the end of his run
@WrestlingWCC the year is 2023

Brock Lesnar is currently more full time than Roman Reigns

what a weird timeline
@WrestlingWCC Brock working more than Reigns should be the story of the year
@WrestlingWCC That is pretty good compare to his days under his Vince run
@WrestlingWCC He joins as 7th guy, wins the briefcase, then us eit on Roman at Summer slam because free agent Lesnar!

Brock Lesnar apparently thought his WWE career was over after WrestleMania 36


Paul Heyman, Lesnar's former on-screen advocate, recently revealed details of how the former assumed he was done with the company after WrestleMania 36. Heyman disclosed that following the event where he dropped the WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre, Brock Lesnar's contract had expired.

The Wiseman added that he and The Beast Incarnate believed the promotion wouldn't extend his contract since they were in the middle of a pandemic.

“So when Brock's contract came due, and we're in the middle of the pandemic, it doesn't make any sense for WWE to do what they had done every year, which is, ‘Yeah, we know this was your final year, but if you'd consider, we're gonna throw more money at you. Give us another year of this. This was a year where that wasn't going to happen, because there was no way to get a return on the investment. So Brock went back to Saskatchewan, and in his mind, that was the end. He was done," said Heyman.
Brock Lesnar vs Cody Rhodes 3 will reportedly have a stipulation that hasn't been seen in a while

As it turned out, Brock Lesnar remained with the global sports entertainment juggernaut and is still amongst its biggest draws.

Do you see Lesnar making his presence felt in some form at Money in the Bank 2023? Sound off in the comments section below.

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