Keith Lee and Brock Lesnar in WWE

Keith Lee reveals his honest opinion on his WWE Royal Rumble moment with Brock Lesnar

  • Keith Lee is someone that has stood toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar in WWE before.
  • Keith Lee has established himself as the first-ever WWE Superstar to hold the WWE NXT and the North American Championship at the same time.
Modified 09 Jul 2020, 23:13 IST

Keith Lee just made history by becoming the first-ever WWE NXT Superstar to simultaneously hold the North American Championship and WWE NXT Championship after he was able to defeat Adam Cole on this week's episode of WWE NXT: The Great American Bash. Keith Lee ended Adam Cole's record WWE NXT title reign of 403 days on WWE NXT, which sums up the sort of year he has been having. Ever since WWE Survivor Series last year, Keith Lee has been dominant and seen as the next big star in WWE. Now, in an interview with TalkSport, Keith Lee talked about his WWE Royal Rumble appearance and what it was like to face off against 'The Beast Incarnate' Brock Lesnar.


Keith Lee on facing Brock Lesnar at the WWE Royal Rumble 2020

Keith Lee has been going through some amazing moments over the past year and his achievements don't seem to have any limits. To top off all the different things that he has been able to achieve, including winning both the WWE NXT Championship and the North American Championship, was the moment that came at Royal Rumble when he faced off against Brock Lesnar. On the day of the Royal Rumble, he did not even know he was going to be a part of the event.

If I’m going to be 100 percent honest, I didn’t know I was going to be in the Royal Rumble until about two hour before the Royal Rumble. That day was just me there in case I’m in the Rumble [laughs]. That’s really what it was.

For the first part of the WWE Royal Rumble match, Brock Lesnar was demolishing everyone who came in his way. Brock Lesnar started the event and it did not look like anyone could stand up to him.

However, this was not the case. The time came when Brock Lesnar was finally confronted by Keith Lee, and he was actually knocked down. Until the moment when Keith Lee was busy with Braun Strowman, Brock Lesnar was actually looking like he met his match.

"And then the moment I got to the ring, I felt everything. From the fans, to Heyman, to the atmosphere, the announcers – then I looked at Brock and I was like ‘Oh, this is a big deal right now!’ People are losing their minds and I’m fired up."
"When I get to the ring, I don’t even know how long we stood there! It just felt like an explosion. The atmosphere alone was just pure electricity. The experience was magical to say the least. You can feel something different when you step into the ring with a Brock Lesnar and I love that. So it was exciting and it felt like the place for me. And I love that."
Published 09 Jul 2020, 23:13 IST