Shane McMahon

Shane McMahon named as a defendant in a lawsuit

  • Shane McMahon's who sits on the Board of Directors of this company, was named as part of a lawsuit.
  • Shane McMahon is currently the host of RAW Underground.
Shiven Sachdeva
Modified 07 Aug 2020, 15:32 IST

Shane McMahon recently returned to Monday Night RAW as the mastermind and host of RAW Underground. After months of absence, Shane O' Mac has now become part of one of the hottest storylines in WWE.

As per a report, Shane McMahon has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit against Ideanomics, where he had been a top executive since 2010. Shane McMahon serves as the Vice Chairman of the board at Ideanomics.


Here is what Cagesideseats have reported:

Shane McMahon has been named as a defendant in a lawsuit against Ideanomics, where he’d been a top executive since 2010. The lawsuit alleges “unjust enrichment, abuse of control, gross mismanagement, waste of corporate assets.” The full complaint can be read at HeelByNature.

The company has operations in commercial electric vehicles, next-generation financial services among other things.

Shane McMahon on RAW

It has been reported that the reason Shane McMahon was brought back as the host of RAW Underground was to boost the falling ratings of the red brand. The RAW underground concept resembles the Fight Club and GCW in the sense that it is a ring with no ropes and freestyle fighting.

It is not known at this point if Shane McMahon will continue to have a larger role on RAW or if he will just be a host of the RAW Underground segments. It does look like The Hurt Business led by MVP will try to take over RAW Underground and possibly begin a program with Shane McMahon.

Shane McMahon is a former multi-time Champion in WWE and has had some memorable feuds with the likes of The Miz and Kevin Owens before he took a sabbatical from WWE.


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Published 07 Aug 2020, 13:22 IST