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  • Legend wanted Vince McMahon to collect WWE title from his house, Vince Russo recalls (Exclusive)
WWE Executive Chairman Vince McMahon

Legend wanted Vince McMahon to collect WWE title from his house, Vince Russo recalls (Exclusive)

Former WWE writer Vince Russo once acted as a messenger between Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon due to their strained relationship in real life.

Michaels was one of WWE's top stars in the 1990s. However, he could be difficult to communicate with behind the scenes due to his bad attitude and well-publicized drug use. The Heartbreak Kid's relationship with Vince McMahon became so bad that they stopped talking to each other during one of his WWE Championship reigns.


On Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws show, Russo said Michaels even demanded that McMahon visit his house to retrieve the WWE title:

"I had to go to Shawn and relay a message from Vince, so I relayed the message from Vince and Shawn looks at me, and his exact words to me were, 'You tell that S.O.B. if he wants his championship belt, he's gonna have to come to my house and take it off my F-ing mantle. You tell him that.'" [15:19 – 15:46]

In the video above, Russo discusses how Michaels' infamous "Sunny days" promo led to the breakdown of his relationship with Bret Hart in 1997.


Vince McMahon's reaction to Shawn Michaels' request

Vince Russo was a key member of WWE's creative team at the time. He relayed Shawn Michaels' message to Vince McMahon, who could hardly believe what the then-WWE Champion had said.

WrestleMania XII

Inside Anaheim, Calif.’s Arrowhead Pond, Shawn Michaels realized his boyhood dream, going the distance and beyond against Bret Hart in an 61-minute WWE Iron Man Match to capture the WWE Title

Russo added that the ongoing disputes between McMahon and Michaels resembled schoolgirls arguing:

"I go back to Vince, 'What did he say? What did he say?' 'He said, if that S.O.B…' so I repeat it verbatim, and Vince looks at me, 'He really said that?' I said, 'Yeah.' But, bro, that's how childish it got. I'm going back and forth like these are two 13-year-old girls. I couldn't believe where it had gotten." [15:47 – 16:12]

Russo also explained why the issues would likely have turned physical had it not been for Michaels' best friend, Triple H.

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