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  • "Listen to your woman" - SmackDown star fires shots at Nick Aldis
Aldis currently serves as the SmackDown GM.

"Listen to your woman" - SmackDown star fires shots at Nick Aldis

A WWE SmackDown star has taken a shot at Nick Aldis ahead of tonight's episode of RAW.

Triple H appointed Nick Aldis as the new General Manager of SmackDown on the October 13 edition of the blue brand. He also announced that Adam Pearce would be serving as the RAW GM moving forward, and the two authority figures have already gotten into a healthy competition.


This past Friday night on SmackDown, both Pearce and Aldis attempted to sign Randy Orton to their brand. Orton opted to sign with SmackDown as it allowed him to get revenge on The Bloodline for taking him out last year. However, Orton planted Aldis with an RKO after signing the contract.

Aldis took to social media after being hit with the move and admitted that it was out of nowhere. Bayley poked fun at the SmackDown GM and told him to get over it. He responded to The Role Model and hinted that he would be making a note of her comments. Nick Aldis' wife, former WWE Superstar Mickie James, took to social media and claimed that Bayley was her favorite.

"Babe. Try not to be mean to Bayley. She’s my favskis. She’s just hot rn. That’s all," she wrote.
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The Damage CTRL member reacted to Mickie James' post and told the SmackDown GM to listen to his woman.

"Yeah listen to your woman!!!!!!!!! Ps - love you Mickie," she wrote.
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Bill Apter believes Randy Orton's decision could lead to a rivalry in WWE between Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce


Legendary wrestling journalist Bill Apter believes Randy Orton's decision to sign with WWE SmackDown could lead to a rivalry between Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis.

Speaking on Sportskeeda's Smack Talk show, Bill Apter stated that Randy Orton's decision to sign with the blue brand could lead to a future rivalry between the two authority figures. Apter noted that there has already been tension between Aldis and Pearce on WWE television.

"What I think a lot of fans may not realize, part of this whole situation with Randy Orton and the two General Managers, they also have us see down the line. I'm just looking in the future here. Both Nick Aldis and Adam Pearce are excellent professional wrestlers, and I think this is not only heating up Randy Orton and The Bloodline, I think this is also starting a feud, moreso between Aldis and Adam Pearce." [From 4:53 onwards]

You can check out the video below:


SmackDown GM Nick Aldis had some words with The Bloodline's Paul Heyman after it was revealed that he invited Randy Orton to WWE SmackDown. It will be interesting to see if Orton will be able to get his revenge on The Bloodline in the weeks ahead.

Do you enjoy Pearce and Aldis as authority figures in WWE? Sound off in the comments section below.

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