WWE will host their first-ever live shopping event on Twitter with Liv Morgan

SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan to appear at WWE's first-ever Live Shopping event on Twitter

WWE is set to host its first Twitter Live Shopping event at 1 PM ET on September 2nd. SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan will appear during the event hosted by RAW correspondent Sarah Schreiber.

The company is the first sports channel in North America to feature Live Shopping on Twitter. WWE Euroshop and Clash at the Castle products will be available for purchase in-real time within the livestream. The Live Shopping experience will take place from the Clash at the Castle Superstore at St. David's Dewi Sant Mall in Cardiff, Wales.


You can join the event on WWE's main Twitter handle. Steve Braband, VP of WWE Digital Media, provided the following quote about the Live Shopping event:

"As we gear up for the Clash at the Castle this weekend, our Live Shopping event on Twitter helps us meet our fans where they are. We’re excited by this opportunity to create a unique experience for WWE fans where they can watch and talk about this livestream together no matter where they are in the world, engage with our hosts Liv Morgan and Sarah Schreiber and shop some of our products.”
🥺🖤 twitter.com/_livintheory/s…
Everywhere you turn, @YaOnlyLivvOnce is there, Poster Girl for the WWE

Good Luck Saturday Liv! Go kill it

Liv Morgan on John Cena being the best to ever do it in WWE


SmackDown Women's Champion Liv Morgan will defend the title against Shayna Baszler this Saturday at Clash at the Castle. She won the Money in the Bank Ladder match and cashed in on Ronda Rousey on the same night.

Liv defeated Ronda Rousey at SummerSlam in a match that ended in controversy. Ronda has since been suspended by Adam Pearce for attacking Liv and the referee after the match.

The 28-year-old recently spoke to Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda Wrestling and she claimed that John Cena was the best person to ever do in the company. The SmackDown Women’s Champion said John Cena inspires her.

John last appeared on the June 27th episode of RAW to celebrate his 20th anniversary with the company.

“Always incredible,” Morgan replied when asked what Cena is like backstage. “I’ve always loved John Cena. I was the most huge John Cena fan in the whole entire world. To be backstage at my dream job watching one of my favorite superstars, it’s always just like a ‘wow, pinch me’ moment. To see him work and see him do his thing, he’s the best to ever do it. So, it’s inspiring and it’s surreal at the same time.” [7:32-7:57]

It will be interesting to see if Ronda Rousey shows up during the SmackDown Women's Championship match at Clash at the Castle.

Do you think Liv Morgan will leave the Premium Live Event with the title? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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