Happy Corbin will face his old roommate at SummerSlam

Long-time veteran predicts interesting result for Pat McAfee vs. Happy Corbin match at SummerSlam (Exclusive)

Pat McAfee will return to the ring for the first time since WrestleMania 38. He is being utilized as a special attraction and that will be the case at SummerSlam 2022 as he takes on his former roommate Happy Corbin. Long-time wrestling veteran Joel Gertner predicted an interesting outcome for the match.

McAfee's had success at WrestleMania. Not only did he defeat the rising star Theory, but also faced Vince McMahon in what is presumably his last match ever. He lost to McMahon via dirty tactics in what has been praised as an overall-great WrestleMania moment. Meanwhile, McAfee's feud against Corbin began on SmackDown after the latter was done with Madcap Moss. Corbin would even put the SmackDown commentator in a neck brace after hitting him with The End of Days post-episode.


Former ECW figure Joel Gertner spoke to Bill Apter on Sportskeeda Wrestling's SummerSlam 2022 Preview. While Bill Apter believes that Pat McAfee will win at SummerSlam, Gertner disagreed, stating that McAfee can afford the loss:

"I would be 101% in agreement with you had they not already put Pat McAfee in a neck brace courtesy of Happy Corbin. And so now he has the neck brace. Like you said, Happy Corbin is the wrestler, Pat McAfee can afford the loss, and it doesn't matter because you can call wrestling from the booth with a neck brace on. So I don't know. I'll go with Happy Corbin." (9:00-9:42)

You can watch the full preview below on YouTube:

Will Pat McAfee overcome his rival at SummerSlam?


It will be interesting to see how things play out between McAfee and Happy Corbin at SummerSlam 2022. Corbin is coming off the losing end of a feud against Madcap Moss after already losing to Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania 38.

Can @PatMcAfeeShow shut @BaronCorbinWWE up this Saturday at #SummerSlam or will Happy Corbin write his biggest hit yet?

McAfee has emerged as one of the most popular figures in WWE despite not being an active performer. However, his overall presence has boosted his status among fans and many will be cheering for him against the much-hated Happy Corbin at SummerSlam 2022.

Will McAfee defeat his former roommate at SummerSlam 2022? Sound off in the comments below.

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