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'The Original Bro' Matt Riddle.

Major new details about Matt Riddle's recent WWE exit - (Exclusive)

There has been plenty of chatter surrounding what led to the shocking exit of Matt Riddle from WWE, and now a few more details have surfaced about the situation. Sportskeeda Wrestling's Bill Apter exclusively reported that Riddle's past issues in UFC, which is now merged with WWE, may have led to the two companies jointly deciding to let go of The Original Bro to avoid any future trouble.

The former United States Champion accused one of the officers at the JFK Airport of sexually assaulting him a few days back. Reports later suggested that Riddle was under the influence of alcohol during the incident. After a couple of weeks of absence from RAW, Matt Riddle announced his exit from WWE.


The fans have expectedly been talking about his departure ever since, with many wondering what he could have achieved in the company in the long run. On the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling's UnSKripted, Bill Apter presented another reason that reportedly played a role in Matt Riddle parting ways with WWE.

"I found out through many sources that one of the reasons that Matt Riddle was probably let go wasn't just the JFK Airport incident. But Dana White has come out and said that he was a problem kid in MMA back then. And I think now that the companies have merged with each other, I think it was a joint decision that if it is worth having this kid maybe give us some trouble here," said Apter. [25:13 - 25:45]

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Booker T thinks Matt Riddle became a liability for WWE

While speaking on his podcast, Hall of Fame, Booker T did not mince any words before saying that Riddle became a liability for the global wrestling juggernaut. The WCW legend mentioned that he was not surprised to see The Original Bro get released, saying he put himself in a position where WWE was left with no other option.

"There is only so much that is going to be tolerated. It catches up to you, you become a liability. I was not shocked or surprised this happened. You put yourself in a position for something to happen. Nine times out of ten it will happen," said Booker T.
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However, it remains to be seen what lies ahead for Matt Riddle and if he makes his way to any other promotion down the line.

Do you see The Original Bro possibly showing up in AEW in the near future? Sound off in the comments section below!

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