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Mick Foley got offended by 'two words' The Undertaker said to him during their match

  • Mick Foley talks about how The Undertaker hurt his ego
  • Mick Foley is a multi-time WWE Champion in the company
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Modified 02 Jul 2020, 20:16 IST

The Undertaker has a reputation of being a complete professional both in and out of the ring. However, in an interesting incident, Mick Foley reveals what The Undertaker said to him during their match which hurt his ego.

While speaking to Inside The Ropes, Mick Foley spoke about the iconic Hell in a Cell match between him and The Undertaker at King of the Ring 1998. Mick Foley remarked that he doesn't like the fact that people still remember him for that one match as he wants to be known for all the other great things he has achieved in his career as well.

I resented being the guy who did the Cell match. For about 15 years someone would and will come up to me at least once a day and ask 'Did it hurt?' I disliked being the guy known for that one match because there are other things I wanted to be known for. (H/T: WrestlingInc)
What I took from [the match] was it's incredible dedication to get over the finish line by whatever means it took. Obviously things went wrong but human beings kind of pick up the pieces

How The Undertaker offended Mick Foley

Mick Foley, also known as Mankind, spoke about the match itself and revealed some interesting details. Foley stated that The Undertaker wanted to end the match after chokeslamming him through the cell but that wasn't what Foley himself wanted.

Giving details about the talk that he and 'Taker were having inside the ring, Foley mentions which comment by The Undertaker he didn't like.

He just said two words 'Go home'. My ego took offense to anyone, even The Undertaker, telling me when it's time to go home. That's what got me up. We pulled it together, the thumbtacks emerged and by God, we got across that finish line.

The Undertaker and Mick Foley undoubtedly had one of the greatest matches in their respective careers when they fought each other inside the HIAC. In a testament to their abilities, the match is still being talked about more than 20 years after it took place.

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Published 02 Jul 2020, 20:16 IST