Mustafa Ali

Mustafa Ali 'frustrated' about not being on WWE TV

  • Mustafa Ali has not been on WWE TV for a long time now
  • Rumors suggest Mustafa Ali will be revealed as the Mystery hacker soon
Modified 19 Jun 2020, 16:55 IST

Mustafa Ali has been off WWE TV for some time now and there is no real update on when he will be making his return to the ring. He has been rumoured to be the Mystery Hacker in the storyline now that has involved several Superstars including Dolphi Ziggler, Sonya Deville and more.

The SmackDown Superstar is someone who has been using his reach to talk about the real issues in the world but has not been able to do so because of this storyline in WWE. A 'fan' today commented that Ali must be having the easiest job in the world right now as he is never on TV.


Mustafa Ali responded on Twitter by revealing that he is on the sidelines because of reasons not in his control. He has not made it clear if he is injured but rumors suggest he is not on TV as he is the Mystery Hacker.

"Yeah man. It's real nice to be in your prime and wanting to use the exposure you get to bring light to serious topics, but instead forced to the sidelines for reasons beyond your control. Real nice to not be allowed to do what you're passionate about."

Is Mustafa Ali the Mystery Hacker in WWE?

Sportskeeda's Tom Colohue has reported that Ali is obvious choice to be the hacker right now because of his background. He added that Ali's self-promos have caught the attention of people and WE Universe would actually end up disappointed if he is not revealed as the hacker.

Ali is the obvious one, but to be honest, he really is the only one who makes the most sense at the minute because of his background, how he puts his own work together. His self-promos have been so fantastic. It's really caught the attention. I think at this point people would be disappointed if it wasn't Ali.
Ali's history is in the police. He does have an individual stand for a sense of justice. With this in mind, I think that's the direction they would take the hacker, if course, it ends up being Ali.

There were doubts if it was going to Mustafa Ali or Shorty G but with Gable returning to the ring, Ali is the one all things are pointing at.

Published 07 Jun 2020, 01:01 IST