WWE.com has revealed the new faction on Monday Night RAW is calling themselves RETRIBUTION

New RAW faction name revealed

  • WWE have revealed the name of the new faction that debuted on RAW.
  • RETRIBUTION caused chaos during last night's episode of Monday Night RAW
Owen Churchill
Modified 05 Aug 2020, 05:12 IST

WWE has revealed the name of the mysterious new faction that debuted on Monday Night RAW last night, setting fire to a power generator outside of the WWE Performance Center.

WWE.com has published an article stating that the faction which caused chaos on Monday Night RAW is now referring to themselves as 'RETRIBUTION'.

WWE.com has learned that the faction behind the attack is calling themselves RETRIBUTION. Little else is known about RETRIBUTION, aside from the fact that causing chaos seems to be their sole motivation. 

Chaos reigns supreme on RAW

Before Monday Night RAW went on the air, it was reported on social media and WWE.com that a new faction would soon to be debuting on the red brand.

During Monday's broadcast of RAW, viewers witnessed several "technical issues" during the show. The lights in the WWE Performance Center would flicker or cut out on several occasions, especially during the WWE United States Championship match between Apollo Crews and MVP.

In addition to the lighting issues, microphones throughout RAW would cut out several times. This was particularly noticeable during The KO Show with Kevin Owens and The Riott Squad members Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan.

RAW play-by-play announcer Tom Phillips speculated that these "technical issues" were due to adverse weather, including a storm, in the local area.


However, later on during RAW's broadcast, security footage would reveal the true story behind these technical issues. Security camera footage from earlier in the show revealed a group of individuals, masked and dressed in black, tossing multiple Molotov cocktails at a power generator outside of the WWE Performance Center.

The power generator would be set on fire and see several explosions, therefore resulting in technical difficulties throughout the show.

While more details about the individuals associated with the new faction on Monday Night RAW have yet to be revealed, RETRIBUTION appear to be hell-bent on causing chaos and anarchy in WWE.


The WWE Universe has been buzzing about which mystery group of individuals could be responsible for the chaos on Monday Night RAW. As we head closer and closer to SummerSlam later this month, will we see the identity of the members of RETRIBUTION revealed?

Many fans are curious if RETRIBUTION will make their presence felt at the biggest party of the Summer.

Which individuals do you think will be members of the RETRIBUTION faction on Monday Night RAW? When will we finally find out more about this chaotic, mysterious new group in WWE?

Published 05 Aug 2020, 05:12 IST