Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross.

Nikki Cross treated every NXT extra at Smackdown with pizza as a token of appreciation

  • Nikki Cross showed her appreciation to the Performance Center recruits by treating them with Pizza
  • Nikki Cross, along with Alexa Bliss, lost the tag team titles on SmackDown.
Raktim Nandi
Modified 07 Jun 2020, 04:06 IST

On the latest episode of Smackdown on Fox, Nikki Cross, alongside Alexa Bliss lost the Women's Tag Team Championship to WWE Smackdown Women's Champion Bayley and Sasha Banks. The night was, in kayfabe, not a happy one for Nikki Cross.

In real life, however, Nikki Cross, who is known to be a sweet and positive person backstage, showed her appreciation to the NXT extras in the audience by treating all of them with pizza. The news was revealed in a tweet by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.


The NXT extras have been an exciting and positive addition to WWE programming that previously lacked the drama created by a live audience. Protected by glass walls, and maintaining social distance with each other, they have enriched the last few weeks's programming with their cheers and jeers to the main roster stars.

Nikki Cross's show of appreciation to the NXT extras was a remarkable deviation from the usual ways of WWE. WWE officials have been using a communication system to instruct the PC talents and have them be lively at all times.

The NXT extras are being told to bring their own packed lunches instead of being allowed to eat from the backstage catering. The stars also have their tent outside, where they can go after the show ends.

Nikki Cross is incredibly proud of the Women's Tag Teams of WWE

Since debuting on the main roster, Nikki Cross has been an integral part of the WWE landscape. While she has never been a singles champion, Cross has always been booked as a strong opponent against even the dominating women of WWE. 


Nikki Cross has also been featured as a commentator in recent times, with her work been deemed unique and entertaining. She has been at her best as a commentator, especially with the company of Michael Cole

Nikki Cross has been especially proud of the Women's Tag Team division, calling the titles an honour to defend, and thinking of them as her babies. She has been thankful to every women's tag team, including The Kabuki Warriors and The Iiconics, for the success of the division.

Published 07 Jun 2020, 04:06 IST