Roman Reigns will be in action at Royal Rumble!

"No 30 at the Royal Rumble"- WWE Universe erupts after Roman Reigns discusses long-awaited opponent's return

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns addressed The Rock's status for WrestleMania 39 on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The Tribal Chief's comments got fans pondering over the possibility of the dream match happening at the Showcase of Immortals.

Fans have been talking about Reigns facing his cousin ever since the former proclaimed himself the Head of the Table. Roman has also called out The Brahma Bull on a couple of occasions in the past, which has led many to believe that the showdown may happen at WrestleMania this year. However, the Hollywood star is reportedly "not in shape" to compete on the Grandest Stage of Them All.


Roman spoke about the issue during his recent appearance on The Tonight Show. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion highlighted that being ring ready is different from training in the gym.

Roman Reigns comments on The Rock not being able to get in ring shape for WrestleMania.

While Reigns seemingly put a block on a prospective match, many fans believe that the SmackDown star is throwing them off the trail, and The Great One will indeed return to his old hunting ground.

Check out the reactions below:

@WrestlingNewsCo It’s gotta be apart of the work at this point, he shows up and they’re surprised cuz he’s likely in ring shape then lol genius. can even crack a joke about it in the promo. It’s gotta happen, this is it!
@WrestlingNewsCo while i still believe we’re being worked, he makes a good point. it’s not just being big, just bc you’re in shape doesn’t make you a natural in the ring. you gotta take months out of your schedule to get back into main event shape when you’ve been out of it for as long as he has
@WrestlingNewsCo Took Moxley 2 months to get ready for G1, I think The Rock will be there tomorrow
@WrestlingNewsCo Yea I’m still not buying it
@WrestlingNewsCo Basically they are telling us the Rock is showing up without saying the Rock is going to show up. 🤔
@WrestlingNewsCo So essentially they are telling us the rock is coming back without directly saying it
@WrestlingNewsCo No 30 at the Royal Rumble=The Rock
@WrestlingNewsCo The rock coming back confirmed
@WrestlingNewsCo So rock showing up let’s go
@WrestlingNewsCo He is definitely coming back

Roman Reigns addressed his upcoming match with Kevin Owens at WWE Royal Rumble

Roman Reigns will also be in action at Royal Rumble, where he is slated to defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Kevin Owens. The Tribal Chief addressed his long rivalry with KO on The Tonight Show, stating that he's "genetically coded" to beat Owens every time.

"I've been beating up Kevin Owens for years now. Let me give this guy's due. This is a tough, sturdy guy, and he's a little crazy. He's willing to do anything out there. But I've faced him a few times and I've been pretty successful. So for me, I just feel like, as long as I don't change anything, if it's not broke, don't break it, just stay in the same system, and pretty much I feel like I'm genetically coded to beat Kevin Owens every time."

It'll also be interesting to see what role Sami Zayn will play in the title match. Roman Reigns told The Honorary Uce on RAW is XXX that he will have a final chance to prove his loyalty to The Bloodline at Royal Rumble.

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