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NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly pay tribute to iconic WWE tag teams

James Sullivan
Modified 06 Mar 2021

The newly crowned WWE NXT UK Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly have been celebrating their first week holding the gold.

On last week's edition of NXT UK, Sam Stoker and Lewis Howley overcame all the odds as they defeated Gallus to become the new NXT UK Tag Team Champions. The brash pair had a few words to share with the WWE Universe after their incredible victory:

Sam Stoker: “To win a prestigious title in WWE is such a big thing… it really leaves you feeling quite retrospective. To get the messages and to think back to when you’re 10 years old when you were watching Triple H at WrestleMania to now, it’s quite mind-blowing.”
Lewis Howley: “NXT UK showcases some of the best matches and having that opportunity to show everyone what we can do, steal the show, steal the belts, we’re living life.”

Pretty Deadly pay tribute to tag team legends of the past

Pretty Deadly pays homage to The Shield

From their most recent photoshoot - with their brand new tag team titles, of course - it's clear Pretty Deadly recognizes the weight that has been placed upon their young shoulders in becoming tag team champions in WWE.


The young Superstars took the opportunity to pay tribute to some of the most legendary tag team units of the past, including the likes of Edge and Christian, D-Generation X and The Shield (see above).

Triple H and Shawn Michaels are clearly influences on Pretty Deadly

As seen in the image above, it's understandable that Pretty Deadly hold the teaming of Triple H and Shawn Michaels close to their hearts - not only were they both part of one of the most dominant forces in WWE history, D-Generation X, but they were also instrumental in the formation of both NXT and NXT UK as we know them today.

The team also treated fans to some brand new "pretty" GIFs on WWE's official GIPHY page here.

We don't know what the future holds for Pretty Deadly, but they'll be looking to hang on to their newly acquired titles for a long time to come.

You can see Pretty Deadly and the rest of the NXT UK roster in action every week on the WWE Network. UK viewers can also catch all the action on BT Sport every Friday at 10PM.

Published 06 Mar 2021, 01:05 IST
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