Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman issues a massive open challenge on behalf of Roman Reigns

Vatsal Rathod

Paul Heyman, the special counsel to Universal Champion Roman Reigns, has issued a massive open challenge to all SmackDown Superstars.

This past week on Friday Night SmackDown, Roman Reigns stepped inside Hell in a Cell against Rey Mysterio. The Tribal Chief successfully defended his title, making Rey Mysterio tap out after a historic main event.


Paul Heyman reacted to Reigns' victory on Talking Smack, issuing an open challenge this coming Friday to anyone who wants to step up to the Universal Champion.

"Here's the good news. This coming Friday on SmackDown, Roman Reigns' dance card is open. So who wants to make a go of it? Who wants to take their chances this Friday in not acknowledging your Tribal Chief Roman Reigns? Because that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the suffering begins," said Paul Heyman.


Who could Roman Reigns feud with next?

Roman Reigns will not be a part of this Sunday's WWE Hell in a Cell. His scheduled match against Rey Mysterio was preponed, and instead took place on SmackDown. With Reigns picking up the victory, the question now is - what next for him?

Fans will surely be excited to see who steps up to face him this coming week on SmackDown. There is a chance that we could see Rey Mysterio's son Dominik step up to challenge the Tribal Chief after what he did to his father.

Another possible option could be one of The Usos. Jimmy Uso is clearly at odds with Roman Reigns. Even though he did come out and acknowledge Reigns last week after his victory, we could still see him challenge the Tribal Chief to a match.


Jey Uso was surprisingly missing from SmackDown last week, and we might see him return and confront Reigns. WWE will likely have another mini-feud for Roman Reigns before moving on to his rumored SummerSlam feud against John Cena.

Comment down below and let us know who you would liketo see step up and face Roman Reigns next week on SmackDown.

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