Sheamus's finisher was used by someone in real-life.

"Please don't try this at home" - WWE Universe reacts to crazy Sheamus move pulled off organically in real life

It seems that people are getting inspired by the former WWE Champion Sheamus in real-life. Sheamus' finisher move, "White Noise," was pulled off recently on the streets.

Speaking of The Celtic Warrior, he is ruthless when it comes to putting his opponents to sleep. Thanks to Sheamus' finishers, Brogue Kick, Celtic Cross, and White Noise.


However, last night at Survivor Series WarGames, the Celtic Warrior, alongside The Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre, and Kevin Owens, fell short next to The Bloodline. The Irish superstar battled in WarGames with revenge-fueled up following a brutal attack by The Bloodline last month. But Sami Zayn's low blow to Kevin Owens gave Roman Reigns' family a victory over Sheamus and his team.

Public Enemies Podcast shared a video on Twitter wherein two people can be seen fighting on the pavement of a road.

YOOOOOOOOO My man got hit with The White Noise in real life! Sheamus inspiring the people

In the video, one man saves himself from a brutal kick and picks his challenger with ease, only to put him through a crazy Sheamus-inspired White Noise finisher.

WWE fans stormed in on Twitter to share their epic, funny, and hypothetical reactions:

@TheEnemiesPE3 That counter was beautiful

Some fans pointed out the former WWE Champion's famous catchphrase "Banger after banger!" to the real-life body slam:


However, some fans understand WWE's standard regulations to be followed. As professional wrestlers train themselves for years to slam their opponents down inside the ring, one should never try WWE moves at home, school, or anywhere.

@TheEnemiesPE3 Getting slammed like that is a shameful thing.
@TheEnemiesPE3 Don’t try it at home jesus

Whereas a fan suggested that the guy should be given a wrestling contract:


The Celtic Warrior has been on a roll since forming an alliance with Butch and Ridge Holland as The Brawling Brutes. The 44-year-old gets inside the ring to put on a banger of a match, and he treats every opportunity like it is WrestleMania.

However, after the Survivor Series WarGames loss to The Bloodline, it would be an excellent card for fans to watch the Irish wrestler get his hands on the WWE title.

Do you think the Celtic Warrior should challenge Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE Universal Championship in the near future? Sound off in the comments section below.

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