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  • Popular 36-year-old star might be tempted to make WWE return after CM Punk, says legend (Exclusive)
CM Punk may have some company with him in WWE soon

Popular 36-year-old star might be tempted to make WWE return after CM Punk, says legend (Exclusive)

CM Punk's return could have long-lasting benefits for WWE, including in the women's division. There is a chance The Straight Edge Superstar's wife, AJ Lee, might be back too, with a legendary wrestling journalist claiming it is possible.

Following her retirement in 2015, fans have been clamoring for AJ to return to the ring at least once, but it is yet to happen. Now, with Punk garnering an incredible buzz from his WWE return, some feel the former Divas Champion may be tempted to come back too.


Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling's Smack Talk podcast, Bill Apter suggested AJ Lee could undergo the same free agency storyline that CM Punk is currently in, where he gets to choose which WWE brand he wants to join:

"For the women's division, do you think that AJ Lee, (CM Punk's) lovely wife, might be romanced to come back, and be given the same situation: RAW, SmackDown, or NXT," questioned Bill Apter. (2:23-2:40)

The legendary journalist elaborated on the potential angle, stating how compelling it would be:

"I think that this would be a great angle to do where AJ Lee goes through the same process that her husband CM Punk goes through. It'd be very compelling, with him kind of advising her, and the two of them just trying to decide," he added. (2:58-3:20)

You can watch the entire podcast here:


It remains to be seen if AJ Lee will return to WWE following Punk's epic comeback. While a full-time run doesn't seem too likely, a one-off appearance is definitely possible.

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