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Possible reason why Vince McMahon gave up on EC3

  • Vince McMahon may have given up on the former Superstar because he was only "so-so" inside the ring.
  • EC3 signed with Impact Wrestling following his WWE release.
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EC3 was quite successful in his short spell in NXT before being called up to RAW in early 2019. However, it never really clicked for him on the main roster and WWE seemingly gave up on him after his feud with Dean Ambrose. EC3 did find some success though, winning the WWE 24/7Championship four times.

Possible reason why Vince McMahon gave up on EC3


Dave Meltzer discussed EC3's time on the main roster in WWE on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio. Meltzer spoke about why Vince McMahon gave up on EC3 and said that it could be because he was a "so-so" performer inside the ring, despite being a great talker:

Here's what happened. So, they put him[EC3] over Dean Ambrose and he was supposed to be a babyface and it didn't work in week one and then they pretty quickly... Vince just gave up on him. That's what Vince does. I mean, could he have been a star... I mean, the guys a great talker, he's got great presence in the ring, wrestling-wise so-so and I think in WWE where almost everyone's a good worker and almost everyone gets pushed as a good worker, that so-so... you know, it's funny because years ago, the cr**piest guys would get a push because they had good bodies. This guy has a great body and can talk.

Meltzer added that he felt that EC3 could have been a big star in the 80s. He said that WWE could have felt that EC3 may not have been good enough a worker to make it as a top star:

I mean, the reality is that fans know. Back in the 80s and 90s, fans didn't have a clue who could work and who couldn't. It was all about the bodies and to a degree the talking. I mean, if EC3 was around in the 1980s he probably would have done well but he wasn't quite as big as those guys but he did have the great body so I think he probably would have done really well in the 1980s. Today it's just different standards and I think that they were of the opinion that he wasn't going to be a good enough worker to make it on the big stage. He never had a chance. We'll never know.

Following his release from WWE in April, EC3 returned to Impact Wrestling last July and feuded with Moose.

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