Taz is a former multi-time ECW Champion

Real reason why Taz broke WWE Hall of Famer's undefeated streak in just three minutes

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WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle has revealed why his match against Taz at Royal Rumble lasted only three minutes. The former ECW champion was not confident in his conditioning to have a longer match.

Taz made his debut at Royal Rumble 2000 and broke Kurt Angle's undefeated streak. But despite getting such a major win over the Olympic gold medalist, Taz never achieved major success in WWE.


Speaking on his podcast on Adfreeshows, Kurt Angle provided in-depth details on why his match with Taz did not last long. Angle stated that because the ECW icon was concerned about his conditioning, he wasn't confident of being able to go toe-to-toe with the Hall of Famer.

''I know that Taz was a little bit concerned about his conditioning. He looked great. His physique was great, as good as it ever was, but he was a little bit concerned about his conditioning, and that’s why the match didn’t go very long,'' Kurt Angle said.

Kurt Angle wanted a longer match with Taz at WWE Royal Rumble


Former WWE Champion Kurt Angle explained that he wanted a 20-minute bout with The Human Submission Machine. However, that did not happen. Having Taz win and break Angle's undefeated run was a way to establish him as a legitimate athlete.

“I would have loved to have wrestled Taz for 20 minutes, but like I said before, he was more concerned about his conditioning at this point in time. I think he took off a bunch of time. He got his body in shape, but his conditioning wasn’t up to par to where he wanted it to be to have that kind of a match, 20 minutes,'' Kurt Angle added.

The AEW announcer's in-ring career did not flourish, but he served as part of the SmackDown announce team for a long time. He currently works as part of the AEW commentary team.

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