Sasha Banks was misunderstood

Real reason why WWE Superstars felt Sasha Banks has 'ego problems'

  • One aspect of Sasha Banks led her colleagues into believing that she has ego issues.
  • However, the reality was far different for the current RAW Women's Champion.
Shruti Sadbhav
Modified 10 Aug 2020, 10:58 IST

RAW Women's Champion Sasha Banks is one of the best talents in not just WWE, but also the entire pro-wrestling business. Recently, she was one of the topics of discussion on this week's After The Bell podcast, hosted by Corey Graves.

The popular WWE commentator hosted his RAW counterpart, Byron Saxton, on WWE's podcast this week. During their conversation, Saxton and Graves recalled the time when Sasha Banks first came to WWE.


Byron Saxton went on to reveal that both he and Graves worked with Sasha Banks during her initial days in WWE's developmental territory. Saxton revealed that back then, Sasha Banks was extremely shy. At the time, both of them worked with her in order to help her step out of her comfort zone. Here's what axton had to say,

"I know we spent a lot of time working with Sasha trying to get her outside of her comfort zone, because when she came in - you know, super talented. You knew there was potential there but she was extremely shy."

Corey Graves further went on to add that Sasha Banks' personality has changed drastically since her first day in WWE. He also revealed that while Banks was 'shy like a child', she was often misjudged by fellow talents. They thought she had an ego problem, but Sasha Banks was just too shy to get comfortable with anyone.

"It's funny to think about that. The person that she is now versus when we all met her. I mean, a complete 180. She was like a shy little child to the point where a lot of us thought she had this ego problem, and meanwhile, she was just, like, uncomfortably shy." (H/T WrestlingInc)

Sasha Banks and her current run in WWE

Sasha Banks won the RAW Women's Championship after winning her match against Asuka via countout. That match also saw Bayley laying down a brutal attack on Kairi Sane backstage which forced Asuka to abandon her title match.


Earlier this month, Asuka demanded a championship rematch with Sasha Banks at the upcoming WWE PPV, SummerSlam. She now has a huge opportunity in hand as she is set to lock horns with Bayley on RAW this week. If Asuka manages to beat the SmackDown Women's Champion, she will get a chance to challenge Sasha Banks for the RAW Women's Championship at WWE's 'Biggest Party of the Sumer'.

As for Bayley, she will defend her SmackDown Women's Championship against the winner of a Triple-brand Battle Royale.

Published 10 Aug 2020, 04:31 IST