At WWE Crown Jewel 2019, Brock Lesnar was able to defeat Cain Velasquez quite thoroughly

Reason why WWE went back to Saudi Arabia despite scandal possibly revealed

  • WWE Superstars did not have the best time after WWE Crown Jewel 2019.
  • WWE had to make multiple changes to WWE SmackDown to make up for their delay in departure.
Modified 16 Jul 2020, 18:03 IST

Former WWE veteran Spanish commentator, Hugo Savinovich worked with the company for a long time and as such has in-depth knowledge regarding the manner in which WWE work. Hugo Savinovich was the person who spoke up last year when there was a scandal surrounding WWE in Saudi Arabia. At the time, he as already not working for WWE any longer, and he revealed the details of how WWE Superstars had not been allowed to fly out of the country and talked about the reasons behind the delays that almost resulted in most WWE Superstars missing out on the live WWE SmackDown show on that week's Friday Night.


Now, Savinovich and WWE are not on the best of terms, with Hugo Savinovich revealing that a WWE attorney was trying to kill his credibility. While talking about this matter on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast, Hugo Savinovich revealed the possible reason why WWE was going back to Saudi Arabia despite the issues that the company and the WWE Superstars had faced there last year.

Hugo Savinovich on why WWE went back to Saudi Arabia

Hugo Savinovich talked about how WWE had gone back to Saudi Arabia again after WWE Crown Jewel 2019 in 2020. He spoke up saying that they had not done the right thing at all, but the reason that they had returned to the country was that they wanted to maintain their high stock prices.

The Saudi Arabia-deal that WWE has at the moment is very valuable and helps WWE to be more valuable.

"Unfortunately, I think that WWE did not do the right thing by going back. What they wanna do, I believe, is that they wanna keep their stock from falling and they're in a pretty good price range right now. So, if they destroy my credibility, that's one less thing. Then sometimes you hear the case has been dropped or whatever, but always read the small print. They do certain deals where you settle and you cannot talk about it. With me, they cannot do anything because of the fact that I'm not under contract with them. Nobody owns me. I don't have to answer not even to my own company Triple A and I haven't heard one word from Triple A saying, 'You know Hugo, maybe you should not talk about it.' Nobody has tried to sanction me. Everybody says, 'Hugo, whatever he said is the truth.'" - h/t Wrestling Inc
Published 16 Jul 2020, 18:03 IST