Rey and Dominik Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio reacts to Dominik getting hit with 30 kendo stick shots on RAW

  • Rey Mysterios has finally reacted to Seth Rollins and Murphy destroying his son Dominik on RAW.
  • Dominik signed a WWE contract officially making him a WWE Superstar on RAW.
Lennard Surrao
Modified 11 Aug 2020, 07:04 IST

Dominik's first night as an official WWE Superstar didn't end well for him as Seth Rollins and Murphy clobbered him with 30 unanswered kendo stick shots. It was easily one of the most brutal segments to have been booked on RAW in recent memory, and it did an excellent job of building up the upcoming match SummerSlam match between Seth Rollins and Dominik.

Rey Mysterio, who is out of action ever since Rollins took his eye out at Extreme Rules, reacted to his son being beaten down on RAW.


A predictably infuriated Rey Mysterio said that Seth Rollins would have to pay for taking their rivalry to the next level.

Here's what the WWE legend wrote on Twitter:

You took this to another level @wwerollins You will FKN pay for this!!

Seth Rollins and Murphy destroy Dominik on RAW

This week's RAW kicked off with a contract signing segment. Dominik signed on the dotted line and officially became a WWE Superstar. Seth Rollins cut a promo and revealed that Dominik would be allowed to use weapons in their SummerSlam match.

Rollins then beat Humberto Carrillo in a singles match before unleashing a merciless beatdown on Dominik.


The Monday Night Messiah and his disciple ripped Dominik's shirt off and attacked his exposed flesh to numerous kendo stick shots, 30 to be precise.

Seth Rollins and Murphy were absolutely relentless while dishing out some savage punishment on Dominik and the newest addition to the WWE roster played his part to perfection by impeccably selling the unrelenting attack. 

Dominik will get an opportunity to get some retribution at SummerSlam as he can use all the tools in his toolbox to possibly win his debut match.


As noted earlier, Rey Mysterio has been away from WWE TV ever since the 'Eye for an Eye' match. WWE and Rey Mysterio have been engaged in contract negotiations over the past few weeks, and as we had reported recently, both parties seemed to have agreed upon a new deal.

Rey Mysterio's tweet could be an indication of his impending WWE TV return, and it could happen on one of the RAW episodes leading up to SummerSlam.

Published 11 Aug 2020, 07:04 IST