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What did Rhea Ripley say to the guard on Twitter?

Rhea Ripley sends four-word message to a WWE security guard who smiled at her

Rhea Ripley sent a message to a WWE security guard after a recent live event that emanated from Manchester.

At the Manchester house show, The Nightmare took on Natalya in a SmackDown Women's title match. Ripley managed to retain her title against the veteran once again.


As Rhea Ripley was heading backstage, she noticed a WWE security guard, looked at him, and patted herself on her hip. The security guard couldn't help but smile over the hilarious gesture. Ripley noticed the video shortly after and sent a message to the guard. Check it out below:

"I see you security 🤭."
I see you security 🤭 twitter.com/tribal_chief99…

Rhea Ripley is having the time of her life as a top heel


The Eradicator turned heel last year and aligned with The Judgment Day on WWE RAW. She has been one of the most popular acts on WWE TV since then. Ripley recently made an appearance on the Cheap Heat podcast and said that she wants The Judgment Day to last as long as possible.

“I really want it to go for as long as it can go. I’m loving every single minute of being at work when the boys are there. I think that we could really drag it out and have it go for a long, long time. At the end of the day, yes, we are the most random group of people. We have an Irishman, a Puerto Rican, a Mexican, and an Australian but we click so well and it feels so strange when I’m at work and I know that the boys aren’t there. Like when I was going to SmackDown for a little bit and they weren’t there, they were on the UK tour, I was like ‘I don’t know how to act right now. Like, I miss my family, I miss my boys.’" [H/T CageSideSeats]

The Nightmare is currently on cloud nine as she holds the SmackDown Women's title and is insanely over as an on-screen villain. At 26 years old, she still has a long road ahead of her and is bound to carve a Hall of Fame career for herself in the coming years.


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