Roman Reigns and Randy Orton

Roman Reigns reacts to Randy Orton's masked look

Abhilash Mendhe
Modified 19 Jan 2021

Universal Champion Roman Reigns couldn't help but laugh when he laid his eyes on WWE's latest Instagram post, featuring Randy Orton wearing a mask.

Last week on WWE RAW, Alexa Bliss shot a fireball at Randy Orton, and the show ended with Orton's screams echoing through the ThunderDome. Tonight on RAW, Orton appeared wearing a Lucha-style mask, in order to cover his face that was burned as a result of Bliss' attack last week.


WWE's official Instagram handle posted the picture of a masked Orton, and it was noticed by none other than Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief ended up implying a lot of connotations with the use of a single emoji, and it's pretty clear that Reigns finds a masked Orton hilarious.

Check out the post and Roman Reigns' response below:

Roman Reigns' comment

Roman Reigns and Randy Orton came close to having a match in 2020

Back in 2020, Roman Reigns and Randy Orton were the top Champions on their respective brands. The Viper had beaten Drew McIntyre for the WWE title inside Hell In A Cell at the namesake PPV. A Champion vs. Champion match was set for Survivor Series between Orton and Reigns, but the match was later canceled when McIntyre defeated Orton to win back the belt mere days before the event.

Reigns and Orton have crossed paths multiple times before, with one of their singles encounters taking place at SummerSlam 2014. Ever since then, the duo has collided on several occasions, and Roman Reigns has an impressive record against The Viper. It would be interesting to see if Orton responds to Reigns over The Tribal Chief poking fun at his look.

Published 19 Jan 2021, 20:44 IST
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