Roman Reigns' cousin opened up about wanting to sign with WWE while Brock Lesnar may have signed a deal outside of the company

News Roundup: Roman Reigns' cousin wants to join WWE, Brock Lesnar signs a deal outside WWE, Vince McMahon's secret meeting

  • Could we see another member of the Anoa'i family sign with WWE?
  • Vince McMahon had a secret meeting with a WWE Hall of Famer recently.
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It's been another big week for the WWE Universe and the annual Hell In A Cell PPV is almost among us. This edition of the WWE News Roundup takes a look at a number of topics including Roman Reigns' cousin Lance Anoa'i wanting to sign with WWE as well as a Hall of Famer having a secret meeting with Vince McMahon.

The article also takes a look at a possible deal Brock Lesnar has signed outside WWE as well as have an update on Daniel Bryan's in-ring future. The article will finish off this edition with Seth Rollins opening up about Roman Reigns' new persona.

#6 Roman Reigns’ cousin Lance Anoa’i wants to sign with WWE

Roman Reigns’ cousin Lance Anoa’i was recently interviewed by Post Wrestling. During the interview, Lance Anoa’i opened up about wanting to sign with WWE. He said that signing with WWE will always be his goal:

He’s [Court Bauer] always had my back but the talks were for me to join full-time, but I did put it on hold. I didn’t know what exactly was gonna happen with me and WWE, and they [MLW] offered me a little too many years. I wasn’t ready to commit to [it] at the time. But if it comes around, maybe one day, you’ll see me there full-time. But for the moment, I’m just gonna keep grinding and WWE’s always my goal.

Lance Anoa’i appeared on RAW last year, facing Shane McMahon during the latter’s feud with Roman Reigns. He also revealed cancelled plans for him to team up with Reigns on RAW for a match against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre:

For sure, it was difficult [to be in that spot]. It was difficult because like you said, I did that spot and after that, they were talking about bringing me back in for a tag match possibly against Shane [McMahon] and Drew [McIntyre] but I didn’t wanna lock myself in and lose all that opportunity so, that was one big one I just held on but like I told Court, I’m ready. Man, if you’re supposed to keep bringing me in, I’m cool with that also.

During the same interview, Anoa'i also said that he wasn't interested in signing with any promotion other than WWE.

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