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WWE's most popular announcer posted a photo on X

Samantha Irvin posts photo alongside one of WWE's biggest signings in 2023

Samantha Irvin has emerged as the most popular WWE announcer today and perhaps the most popular announcer since the likes of Lilian Garcia and Howard Finkel. She recently posted a photo alongside one of WWE's biggest signings.

On Twitter, it was revealed that Samantha Irvin, Michelle McCool, The Undertaker, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, and recent WWE signing Jade Cargill were present for the Big 12 conference game - a college athletic Football event in the United States of America.


Samantha posted a photo alongside Jade Cargill on the sidelines. The former AEW TBS Champion is one of WWE's biggest signings in 2023 - possibly only second to CM Punk.

Check out the photo below:

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Jade Cargill is yet to make her debut for WWE despite a few cameos on SmackDown and NXT before being quietly pulled from television.

Triple H was asked about this at the Survivor Series Press Conference and simply stated that Cargill is training and seemingly making sure she's fully ready for a main roster debut.


The Game expressed no desire to rush her debut and believes she will make a big splash when she does.

Samantha Irvin seems open to a different role in WWE

As we mentioned, Samantha Irvin is one of WWE's most popular figures outside of the wrestlers themselves. While she was first in the spotlight for being Ricochet's partner rather than her role in the company, she would soon be acknowledged as the best in her job in years.

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Given her tremendous skills on the mic, a fan on X pointed out that she has a gift for possibly being a manager in WWE. The emojis in her response to the post above show that she seems to be open to the idea to some extent.


It's not uncommon for people to change roles in WWE, and it certainly would be an interesting switch-up.

Do you think Irvin will ever change roles in the company? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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