Sasha Banks and Bayley

Sasha Banks says her storyline with Bayley was inspired by a classic WWE rivalry

  • Sasha Banks' feud with Bayley was inspired by another classic storyline.
  • Sasha Banks beat Bayley at Hell In A Cell to win the SmackDown Women's Championship.
Modified 25 Nov 2020, 22:02 IST

Sasha Banks and Bayley have had a great year. The duo had all the gold for a while with Sasha Banks holding the RAW Women's Championship and Bayley holding the SmackDown Women's Championship. They also held the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships at this time.

Sasha Banks went on to lose the RAW Women's Championship to Asuka at SummerSlam. Banks and Bayley then lost the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships to Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler at the Payback PPV.


Bayley ended up turning on Sasha Banks after they lost a rematch for their WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. Sasha Banks went on to win the SmackDown Women's Championship from Bayley at the Hell In A Cell PPV.

Sasha Banks on why classic rivalry inspired her storyline with Bayley

Sasha Banks was recently interviewed by Stephanie Chase. During the interview, Banks opened up about her feud with Bayley and revealed how it was inspired by the classic rivalry between Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Banks spoke about how she watched their storyline unfold as a teenager and wanted to have a similarly long storyline herself:

For me, I got really inspired from Trish Stratus and Mickie James. They had a year-long storyline, and when I was watching as a teenager, that's what I wanted growing up. I wanted a year-long story where you just were on the ride for the whole time. You were never going to get off this roller coaster.
For us, it's kind of almost a revamp of that, besides me and Charlotte as well. It's really cool to see just the investment and time WWE has given to not only myself and Bayley, but within all the women in WWE. Just every single week from Friday Night SmackDown, to NXT, to Monday Night RAW, it's been nonstop of this incredible momentum of women just taking over the company. H/T: WrestlingINC

Sasha Banks is currently feuding with Carmella on SmackDown. Carmella attacked Sasha Banks following her succesful title defense again Bayley earlier this month.

Sasha Banks was also in action at WWE Survivor Seres where she beat RAW Women's Champion Asuka.

Published 25 Nov 2020, 22:01 IST
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