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The WWE Hall of Famer wants what's best for business

Shawn Michaels comments on Seth Rollins' frustration with CM Punk's WWE return

After CM Punk returned at WWE Survivor Series: WarGames, Seth Rollins vented his frustration. Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels recently spoke about the problems between the two men and said he understands them.

CM Punk and Seth Rollins are not on the best of terms. They are arguably two of the biggest names in the industry, and their problems with each other are justified.


Seth Rollins has taken a shot at The Best in the World during his recent promos. It looks like WWE is heading into a rivalry between the two stars.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels said he understood The Messiah’s frustration. He noted that it’s always tough to see part-timers come in and take your spot.

"You want to become that top guy and then you become that top guy and then you see these other people sort of come in and you go, 'Jesus, [these] part-timers' and 'taking spots,' and stuff like that and then one day you get to the point where you go, 'I still want to work, but I don't want to be working all the time,' and then all of sudden now you are the part-timer," the WWE legend explained. "I understand it on everyone's level." [H/T Wrestling Inc]

Michaels added that he has been through all company levels and worked as a full-time and part-time performer. That has helped him see the bigger picture from another person’s point of view.

"If you've covered darn near every aspect of this industry, you learn not to judge. You learn not to get upset. It's just one of the necessary evils of the business, but again ultimately it always comes down to what is the bottom line and what is best for business," Michaels continued, "and I think over time everybody understands that." [H/T Wrestling Inc]
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It’ll be interesting to see what the future holds for CM Punk and Seth Rollins on the RAW brand. The two superstars could get into a bitter feud ahead of WrestleMania 40.

Shawn Michaels recently gave his thoughts on CM Punk’s return to WWE


The NXT Deadline is on the horizon, and Shawn Michaels recently had a media call to discuss the event. During the chat, Michaels was asked about CM Punk’s return to the Stamford-based wrestling promotion.

The Heartbreak Kid had a professional reply ready for the question. He said the following:

"Business is first. For me, I don't think it was that tough. I'm happy that it got done. We have always found that when you can go out on your own terms, it makes it easier. I'm very excited about it," said the WWE Hall of Famer.
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It looks like the WWE higher-ups are happy with CM Punk’s return. He could work with Seth Rollins to give fans some entertaining matches in the coming months.

Do you think WWE Superstar Seth Rollins’s frustration with CM Punk is justified? Sound off in the comments section below.


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