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  • "Stick to collecting Pokémon cards" – WWE fans rage over Logan Paul's bold claim
Logan Paul will likely return to the WWE ring soon.

"Stick to collecting Pokémon cards" – WWE fans rage over Logan Paul's bold claim

Logan Paul has put on some great matches in WWE to win over fans over the past couple of years. However, a bold claim regarding his match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. two years ago has fans in a fit.

Paul last competed in the squared circle at WrestleMania 39 where he lost to Seth Rollins. Before that, he picked up a loss at the hands of Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel 2022.


A couple of years ago, The Maverick competed in a boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. The exhibition match ended without a result, even though it was clear that Mayweather should have won the contest.

Logan Paul took to Twitter to celebrate the second anniversary of his boxing match against the legend. However, he claimed in his tweet that he beat Floyd Mayweather at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens.

2 years ago I beat Floyd Mayweather

The tweet received mostly negative responses from fans familiar with the bout. While many called him out for thinking he beat a retired boxer, others reminded him that he was knocked out by Mayweather who held him up to ensure the match continued.

@LoganPaul And then you woke up from your dream
@LoganPaul Who’s gonna tell him?
@LoganPaul Man @FloydMayweather knocked him out and held him up… please see exhibit A:
@LoganPaul What Logan remembers vs what everyone else remembers
Brother, Floyd knocked you out and held your unconscious body up twitter.com/loganpaul/stat…
2 years ago I beat Floyd Mayweather

Logan Paul is currently busy working his way through in WWE. He has a lighter schedule in the company and only appears for marquee matches. It will be interesting to see who The Maverick targets next on the roster.


Logan Paul dreams of holding a championship in WWE, UFC, and boxing simultaneously

There are no limits to the big claims Logan Paul continues to make. He is known as an obnoxious character, who frequently puts his money where his mouth is.

The Maverick has high hopes of holding three top championships simultaneously in the world of combat sports. Speaking on his IMPAULSIVE podcast, Logan Paul said he considered becoming the first person to hold a title in three places.

"I might have to do a UFC fight. I had this idea one day. I said to myself, I don’t think there’s ever been a simultaneous WWE, UFC, and boxing champion at the same time. I said to myself, I can probably do WWE, I feel confident I can get a WWE Championship. Boxing, one of their lower-tier, there’s a hundred different…"

While he is far from winning a title in any three of these fields, it would be interesting to see if he goes ahead with the idea. Paul is a major name in the world of entertainment, and he could prove himself to gain even more star power down the line.

Do you want to see The Maverick achieve this remarkable feat in the future? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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