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"The money started running out" - Former World Champion wanted to return to WWE after a five-year absence

WWE Superstars often make the choice to leave the company in order to follow their passion and wrestle on a weekly basis for other promotions. However, at times, these decisions don't work out. Recently, former World Champion Kurt Angle revealed that he wanted to return to Vince McMahon's promotion after the end of his five-year run with TNA.

In 2006, Kurt Angle left WWE and appeared for Total Non-stop Action and confronted Samoa Joe. The Wrestling Machine ended up becoming one of the biggest attractions for the upcoming promotion.


However, there were a lot of backstage issues revolving around the company, and Angle was aware of it. Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, the 54-year-old Hall of Famer revealed that he wanted to return after five years of absence:

"The thing is, when I started thinking about going back to WWE, was when the money started running out, and people were getting let go, or people were getting laid off. And, you know, I signed my last contract with them. I think it was for five more years. And I figured you know what, after this contract is up, they probably won't have the money to pay me because they were paying me seven figures, and it was a part-time deal."

Angle revealed why he wanted to return to the company around 2011, when he finished five years with TNA:

"So I knew that they probably wouldn't give me that money that I was making. So I figured you know what it's time to think about going back to WWE. And I also want to go back because I wanted to go back for the fans and to thank them, the WWE Universe, because I had six and a half Incredible Years in WWE. And I wanted to go back and thank the fans personally and perform for them before I retired." [H/T - CVV]

Kurt Angle wrestled his last match and retired from wrestling in WWE

After wrestling for nearly 10 years with TNA (IMPACT Wrestling), Kurt Angle decided to finally hang up the boots and return to Vince McMahon's company. He enjoyed a final run, where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

After spending nearly two years on Monday Night RAW, Angle had a handful of matches throughout the year against superstars such as Triple H, Drew McIntyre, Samoa Joe, and many more.


In 2019, he wrestled his final match as an in-ring performer when he faced Baron Corbin. He lost to Corbin and retired from professional wrestling at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Do you want to see Kurt Angle return for another run? Sound off in the comment section below.

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